Hello Christian, Hope my email finds you well and in good spirits. It was a pleasure meeting you! I have made it back home, have slept a little while and feeling somewhat rested today. I want you to know that last week was absolutely wonderful to work with you. What a unique experience the entire week was, everyday another situation would unfold and you continued throughout- even thru having to go to plan B more than a few times … that definitely demonstrated what you CAN do (and extremely well) when an unforeseen situation occurs. The extra effort you put forward with this VIP group really made it a successful week and your attention to detail was perfect. Again, I would like to thank you and all the staff for a tremendous week at the Hard Rock Palace Hotel, Punta Cana. The Connect Travel Services staff are wonderful and I have made some new friends and connections. You and the Connect Travel staff define hospitality! So in closing, I am looking forward to our continued mutual relationship and will always recommend the Dominican Republic and your services with any and all clients. Therese - Please share this email with the entire Connect Travel Services operations. Thank you, Jane Norman, CTC, ARA |International Travel Borton Overseas ASTA Upper Midwest Chapter Treasurer
Jane Norman, ARA International Travel

Dear Mr. Sauvage- I wanted to take the time to thank you for your efforts and the efforts of your staff. Many of us commented that we were very satisfied with the service that we received from your staff. I wanted to tell you about our experience. We were supposed to go on a Catamaran ride to an island, but decided to change this with very little prior notice. I saw on the website that our tour was listed as the "Dominican Cultural Adventure". While I would never find myself choosing an "educational" tour over an "adventurous" outing, I found myself delighted at every turn. A cultural tour could very easily be boring, but not with your staff! Jose and Willis were wonderfully entertaining. They took us to two locations, both the sugar cane farm/cigar rolling shop and the home of Maria. The first was such fun and the duration of the stop was perfect. The second was also wonderful, but with the visit came a deeper respect for the Dominican people. She showed us Americans that the Dominicans are not a people to be pitied, but respected. I saw a life that was hard, but a good life with many rewards. The coffee was great, but the thing that had the deepest impact on me came after I found that there were five houses that were visited in rotation. I looked down in the gravel and saw that there was paint on the gravel rocks that we were beginning to kick up. She found our visit so important that she painted the benches in the presentation area. She wanted everything to look perfect and worked to make it so. I hadn't planned to buy anything, but my respect for her was so great that I will be enjoying several items that were purchased that day. The tour lecture information was wonderful. Beyond that, both of the men would share a little bit of their lives from time to time, perhaps some things that would not be on the script. It was very interesting to see a bit of the life beyond what is found in a tour book. That helped to give an understanding of how the hotel staff would live as well. And finally, Charlotte. After she shut the door to the shuttle van that would return us to the airport, one of the men said,"Wow, it is like we are little kids!" Please understand that this is the best compliment he could give and we all laughed in agreement. The conference was a leadership conference. As business owners, we have many significant challenges ahead and we are faced with tremendous obstacles that will take effort, money, time, and endurance. We had finished a very intense series of meetings that had left us exhausted and drained. The last thing that we would want to do between these two difficult things is have to be responsible for our safety, well-being, and logistics. She ensured that not only did we relax, but we didn't worry. Like little kids, we didn't have a care in the world, and she made sure that we were completely taken care of. She conducted herself professionally and this gave us the trust to be able to focus on what we had to do and not worry about arranging our ride back to the airport. I wanted to share this with your staff but I am so glad that I did not have that chance because it has given me this opportunity to tell you directly. Sincerely, Tom Cutler President, Sequoia Prosthetics & Orthotics Visalia, CA, USA
Tom Cutler, CA, USA

Everything was excellent. Abel did an excellent job and is a terrific guide
John Michel, ITAGroup

Special thanks to Marisol, Abel and Terese. I would recommend you to colleagues in the business.
Jessica Neto, Luxe Destination Weddings

Abel was just excellent and I was very satisfied with the services shown to me.
Carmen Avila, Turismo Maso CA, Mexico

The CTS team did a great job of organizing all our trip needs. Special thanks to Yolanda and Jocelyne
Kevin Tully, ITA Group - Site Inspection August 2012

Many thanks Abel and Julie Beland, you were very professional and informative and terrific!
Diana Marra & Andrew Margolin, Pepsico - Sept. 2012

You team of staff is amazing and Amber, Yolanda and Valentino are just great, very detailed and great to work with
Tina Ulm & Gary Werner, Tru Incentives in Punta Cana Sept. 2012

Thanks for all your hard work (Abel & Lara!) You made the event a success!
Staci Heard, Zrii September 2012,

Dear Julie - Attached is another great ITAGroup supplier evaluation of you and your team for the Standard Life program that operated earlier this year. Please extend our gratitude to the entire team that contributed in providing remarkable experiences to our clients and their attendees. We very much appreciate your commitment to our customers and our company and look forward to our next program with you. Kind regards - Jill C. Anonson Manager, Industry Relations, Event Management ITAGroup, Inc.
Jill Anonson, ITAGroup,Inc. September 2012

It was a pleasure meeting you all at CTS last Thursday in beautiful Dominican Republic. I wanted to let you know that I had a wonderful time, the country is beautiful and everyone was so friendly and helpful. I will be sure to spread the good news of my stay and hope we can recommend the destination for future programs. Thank you again, Jessika Vocht, Travel Desk Coordinator
Jessika Vocht, USA

Amber was excellent in the planning process with great follow up and Eduardo was perfect for us on site.
Lauri Lewis (Rogo's Group), June 2012

Our Group Coordinator and Manuel (our driver) truly exceeded our expectations and after our program was over we left the DR feeling that we were leaving our friends behind.
Cathy Lovell, Group Elanco - July 2012

Everyone is so professional at CTS and I would recommend you to other colleagues in the business.
Sylvia Joans, Clear Channel, July 2012

Everyone at CTS is always so professional and a pleasure to work with.
Denise Hunter, July 2012, Link Hospitality, USA

Valentino was amazing!!! Our trip would not have been as perfect as it was without him!!
Stephanie Sorrells, July 2012, Vibrant Travel Solutions .Com

This is my third group with CTS and, as in all previous occasions, everything went perfectly and Jules & Felipe were a great hit with our group and our office person as CTS, Karina, was very efficient, prompt and professional. It was my pleasure to work with them all.
Tiru Irani, Far Horizons, Torchmark Group - July 2012

Our group coordinator Marisol was excellent and exceptional.
Darlene Stacie, Red Carpet World Travel, Mike Boyle Group

Jules was amazing, he went above and beyond his job. He was the key to making our event a success - the owner of our company wanted to bring him back to Arizona with us!
Amy Fruebel, Freelife, Arizona, July 2012

Lee Ann,Thank you for the follow-up on CTS Services. We appreciate providing the transfers and arranging the excursions on our visit to the Dominican Republic. I can see that CTS would do an outstanding job for our customers. You will be the first DMC that I call when I source the Dominican Republic. Take care… Best Regards, Ron Puglisi Vice President of Global Accounts
Conference Direct, July 2012

I would certainly use this DMC again. CTS created the unique and successful experience I expected. Lee Ann Shepperd was fabulous, and entire team did a great job for me (Julie, Felipe, Petra, and others).
Evie Wenick, McKesson RMS Summit, June 08, 2012

Good morning Amber & Lee Ann, After a few days / weeks of the LEGO-Conference I do not want to miss and say a big THANK YOU to all involved people of Connect Travel, especially to Marisol. Unfortunately we do not have too many long-distance-events /-incentives. When we have a new project we will work with you again. In the meantime we will recommend CTS to our colleagues, even to colleagues / friends from other MICE-agencies.
Hans Stegmann, Germany, June 22, 2012

Our Group Coordinator Max was excellent and very popular with our group. He was hard working and very professional – also a million thanks to Jules – we would like to request them both to feature with our next group with CTS!
Tiru Irani, Far Horizons - May 2012 - Punta Cana

Lee Ann Rocks! Jameson & Eduardo are awesome! We would like to recommend you to colleagues in the business.. Kara Lindsay, Polk Majestic Meetings & Incentives
Kara Lindsey, Polk Majestic Meetings and Incentives

Good afternoon! Please find attached my completed survey. As I’ve indicated in the survey, everyone I’ve dealt with has done an absolutely fantastic job! Thanks, Jessica Jessica Dixon Meetings Associate American Association for Cancer Research
Jessica Dixon, Meetings Associate American Association for Cancer Research

The site inspection was very enjoyable and I was very excited to see so many hotels in a short amount of time! And I very much enjoyed Marisol. She is great and it was nice to have time to spend with her on the trip to Santo Domingo as I learned a lot more about the country. Many thanks, Barbara
Barbara Perriello, Opportunity Travel, FL

Be sure to thank all of your staff for a great job. CTS did an excellent job. We are hoping to bring a group to Punta Cana in 2013 and will be in contact when we are ready to begin the process. Thanks again. Kerry Kerry Johnson | Vice President of Incentive Operations, Wyndham Jade, LLC
Kerry Johnson, Vice President of Incentive Operations, Wyndham Jade, LLC

Thank you. Everyone at Connect Travel was excellent to work with especially Luis. I will look forward to working with you once our program is contracted in Punta Cana, Gloria Robbins Vice President Meeting Resorts, Inc.
Gloria Robbins, Vice President Meeting Resorts, Inc.

Thank you! I want you to know that working with your staff Julie & Christina on this FAM was great. Happy holidays! Kim Hentges, CMP Senior Project Manager, Planning & Costing
Kim Hentges, CMP Senior Project Manager, Planning & Costing, Fusion Performance Marketing

Attached please find the evaluation for the recent program in Punta Cana. The document evaluates all three phases of a program; pre-sell, planning and on-site operation. Benoit, the program was a tremendous success. Please extend our gratitude to your team that supported our efforts and their dedication and great customer service. We appreciate our partnership and look forward to future business together. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Best regards and all the best for 2012! Jill Jill C. Anonson Manager, Industry Relations Event Management ITAGroup, Inc.
Jill C. Anonson Manager, Industry Relations Event Management, ITAGroup, Inc.

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