Floating Paradise
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Floating Paradise

Air-conditioned bus will transport you to a beautiful beach in the nearby fishing village of Cabeza de Toro. After a fruit punch to welcome it's off by boat to a nearby man-made floating island surrounded by coral reefs just bustling with life right in the middle of the Caribbean Ocean.

This half day excursion has 11 different activities for your enjoyment and is a unique experience where you can relax and enjoy them all at your own pace.

Remember to bring an under-water camera!

Spend as much time as you like snorkeling with nurse sharks and string rays, paddle surfing and/or kayaking.

When ready to relax enjoy 15 minute hand massage, 15 minute stone massage and/or 15 minute shell massage- you may also also spend time with the reflexology therapist.

Sunbathe on comfortable lounge chairs and enjoy the health bar serving fresh fruit juice, fresh vegetables with dip and sandwiches.

This activity is for people 16 years & above.