Discover the New World

Discover the New World

Discover The New World (Teambuilding)
Minimum of 40 pax.

Group is split into 10 teams with even numbers in each. Now imagine you were part of Christopher Columbus’s team and you land on the shore of the island of Hispaniola – The Dominican Republic- for the first time in the year 1492.

You will have to face today many of the challenges that Christopher Columbus and his crew faced all those years ago like how to find a source of food, water, energy and transportation.

Each team will have to find a source of energy so for this they will have to squeeze sugar cane by hand and collect the juice, whoever has the most juice wins.

You will also need to find a good source of water for this you will have to open a coconut with your hands and collect the water from it and every last drop counts! The fullest glass wins that point

You’ll need a mode of transport, for this the team will select their best rider and participate in a Dominican Donkey Race – the only catch being one of your team has to be the donkey!

Now for a good night sleep you will have to build your own shelter using the materials we will provide you with.

To survive on a remote desert island you will also need to be a good hunter, a coconut throw contest will decide whose best at this skillful challenge.

The winning team will light up the torch of victory and all participants toast and celebrate!