The CTS 'Wilson' Raft Building Adventure

The CTS 'Wilson' Raft Building Adventure

The object of this event is for each team to construct a water worthy raft in less than 45 minutes in order to navigate a pre-determined course in the Moon Palace canals and return it to your base.

Each team is provided with exactly the same materials including large plastic barrels, bamboo poles, paddles and rope.

Here’s a great opportunity for the ‘designers and engineers’ within the team to put their skills to the ultimate test. Strong paddlers are also called for and lots of moral support too.

Each team elects a team leader who will be given a printed set of basic rules. The team leader’s main job will be to utilize the qualities and skills within the team to the best advantage.

Once the raft is constructed the team must carry it to the starting point.

This activity brings out the best in your teams who are working under pressure and have to see their plan through.